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St. George's School welcomes families of all nationalities and offers the best of both worlds - an exceptional combination of the best of Brunei education delivered within a community that is enriched by the variety of cultures that characterize our increasingly global world and the best of British education in the international examination which the students have to write for in their Brunei Cambridge GCE 'O' Level Examination.

The school offers a very high standard of education as it is committed to achievement in all its forms and in all areas of the curriculum. To that end, St. George's School strives to provide a safe and developmentally appropriate academic environment that promotes each student's social, emotional, and academic progress. We support the overall school mission and vision by providing opportunities for the overall integral development of its students through the process of effective nurturing and skills acquisition. Our students are encouraged to be inquisitive, creative, reflective and motivated learners.

St. George's School employs teachers of highly respectable academic background. All our staff members are dedicated to the promotion of high quality learning. Students are encouraged to flourish, grow in self-confidence and to fulfill their potential at St. George's.

Recognizing the benefits that strong parental and community involvement can bring to students, we actively encourage an open partnership between home and school. Parents are welcome to participate in many areas of school life, reinforcing the importance of operating as a team.

We believe that we have an unique opportunity to help students build life-enduring skills. We want students to be:

  • Independent
  • Confident
  • Resilient
  • Problem solvers
  • Risk-takers
  • Aware of the importance of making good choices and the natural consequences that follow all decisions
  • Aware that each mistake is a great learning opportunity
    • We also want students to understand and embrace the St George's Core Values of Respect for Individuals and the Environment, Teamwork, Continuous Improvement, Recognition, Honesty and Integrity.

      Our school has a warm and inviting environment, engaged and creative students, caring and committed teachers, and a supportive and involved parent community.

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