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The Borneo Global Issues Conference
Sat, 28 Apr 2018

The Borneo Global Issues Conference (BGIC), organised by the International School of Brunei (ISB), was held on the 9th to 12th of March. The theme for this year was "Life Below Water".

Before the event, students from participating schools took part in training sessions at ISB where they were instructed on the format of a United Nations conference and formally welcomed into their respective committees. These committees were each assigned one of four current global issues, examining political, environmental, eco-social and human rights. As mock delegates of a UN nation, students were then tasked to produce a resolution with other delegates and suggest ideas or opinions from the viewpoint of their respective country. Additionally, all delegates had to produce and deliver an opening speech consisting of a short description of the country they were representing as well as the current issues within that country.

The eight participants from St.George's School were Darren Cabigao, Fabian Han, Chua Seow Wei, Christy Bong, Rozetthe Callanga, Charles Santoni, Charlene Jong and Nisha Nair.

During the event, the delegates of all four committees came together in a General Assembly where resolutions were shared and delegates had to entertain points of information, clarification, and points of order. Delegates also had to write for or against speeches to show whether or not they supported the other delegates' resolutions. If the resolution passed in the committee, they would be presented in the General Assembly.

From joining BGIC, the students received experience, which can be applied in real life, and became more aware of the issues beyond Brunei. BGIC also boosted the students' thinking skills and helped them to build character, especially in teamwork and courtesy.